In Ecommerce field users reviews are extremely important, but truly getting consumers to write review is little bit intricate .A research shows that around 70% people check reviews before make any purchase or chose to buy from website that has reviews.

Why online user review is matter for your business?

Online reviews are important for shopping portals online and for all e-commerce marketing. A surveys over 900 buyers disclosed that over 70% of buyer’s decision of make purchase is straightforwardly linked with the reviews online. They never miss to check reviews make any purchase. More reviews on you website also hike you ranking on search engines high and you will get proficient to get more traffic.

Some simple ways to encourage user reviews online:

Traffics come to website from reviews is super valuable and here are tips to drive more reviews online:

  1. Ask you potential customers for online reviews:

Just a thing you need to do is to remind your potential customers to leave a feedback. The best way to do this to ask customers via email after customer receives their ordered product. You may ask them to share their shopping experience to shop with you, whatever it is positive or negative but values a lot. Other mean of do this is to have a customer care services question- answers.

  1. Set reviews position where visitors can easily see them :

It’s important to place products reviews on you page in the sense that people can easily see them. Customers will definitely going to leave or read comments if they know that they can. Reviews are vital and can amplify consumer’s indemnity to buy a product. S you need to put the star rankings and respective links on the place that they cannot miss while checking for a product.

  1. Offers reward to customers for enlarge your review criterion

There is no alternative to attract customers by offering them reward points. People are most likely to give if they get more in return so if you offers reward points will never deny writing reviews. By this action they also become a return customer because they shop again to you website to spend those reward points.

  1. Don’t upset with negative reviews

If your website have only positive reviews than it will not look authentic. Negative reviews are important as positive ones. It can also draw more Trust of the public by provide an authentic look. You should also respond that reviews by offer a genuine request for forgiveness with some incentives.

Remember one thing respond to reviews is as important as reviews so do not forget to write responses. No matter what customers says about your services but be sure to response them quickly as you can so they come to know that their input is matters and valued.

Getting reviews are important for boost sales and traffic to a website; it’s exigent for someone to influence customers to drive more sales but is not complicated. Can posses it easily by follow above guidelines.

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