Hi boys and girls, this time I publish this warnings for all people who looks for wifi hack tools or other mods and trainers made for hacking Wireless Connection. You must definitely stop it, because most of this type of files provides malwares, surveys and other harmful stuff. Are you serious? Do you want to infect your own device and pay for the repair, for real? The availability of wifi hotspots at all public places such as cinemas or motels has made it more convenient for us to access the Net when we are away from home. The convenience comes with a risk as many public Wifi’s do not encrypt the data transmitted through their networks. What does it mean for users like you? Sensitive informations such as your email passwords, credit card information etc. are easy to hack. Bad news is websites provide wifi hack are visible in search results and even young people might be scammed. Let’s say how to protect yourself from wifi hackers? You should install an antivirus system on your pc/phone. And remember, once you have logged into home spot, the first thing you should to do to secure your network is to change the default password immediately.


This should prevent other visitors from accessing the unknown router and you can easily maintain the protection settings that you wish. You can easily change the password from the Admin settings on settings page. What about encryption methods? In order to prevent other devices in the area from using your internet connection, you will need to encrypt your wireless signals. There are a few encryption methods for wireless settings you can know – WEP, WPA and WPA2. Interested how to enable encryption on your Wireless network? Well, open the wi-fi security settings on your router’s settings page. The window will let you choose which security method you need to choose. If you use older devices, just select WEP, otherwise use WPA2. Follow the link given above to read more about hacking wifi, security advices and solutions for disconnects and other issues. If you find any mistakes in this article, feel free to contact me, also if you have some questions, I will try my best to help you.

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