People want to sleep peacefully without getting any disturbance from the insects like bees, spiders, ants and flies. Some of the people hate the insect sounds while they start to sleep and also nuisance can also spoil the sleep. Bug spray is the most important and smart way for kill clear the entire insect and bug spray can be made by the home itself. Some people have the own garden at their home. In that place, all the insects like bees, spiders can come easily at the home and very hard to rid all the insects. You have to clear all the insects by using the homemade bug spray and you can make the bug spray very carefully because pesticides will be handled with proper manner. The pesticides are used to cultivate the plants and crops and alcohol can be used for bug spray.

Alcohol is placed an important role because if the apple tree or some other tree can be caused by the insects, this alcohol bud spray can be used to remove the whiteflies, bees, mealy bugs, aphids, thrips and scale insects. If you start to create the alcohol spray, you take seventy percent of isopropyl alcohol and water. Half amount of water can be mixed with the isopropyl alcohol and these are combined together and also you add insecticidal soap spray in that alcohol. Now the alcohol spray is prepared, you have to test the alcohol bug spray on the trees first or plants.

Garlic sprays can be also used to rid the whiteflies, leafhoppers, earwigs and aphids but this garlic spray is not workout against the red ants, grasshopper and sow bugs. Only alcohol can be used to remove the insects but also the nicotine substance can also be very helpful for the hard insects and it acts against the many insects such as immature scales, soil pests, aphids, thrips, and leaf miners.



The substance of nicotine will be very effective and so it can easily spoil the insect and this nicotine spray can be prepared by you and some of the ingredients for preparing this nicotine spray such as soak the leaves of tobaccos prepare the nicotine tea and cigarette butts. Simply immerse one cup of dried tobaccos, crush the leaves of tobacco and take half teaspoon of pure soap and take the warm water. The crushed leaves of tobaccos can be mixed with warm water and all the solutions can be the shift into the container and the container will be closed for several weeks and keep it in the safe place. After one week is completed, you take nicotine spray and spray in all areas of the root by the using container. Pyrethrin is also one of the good bug sprays and the substance of pyrethrin is toxic to animals and aquatic insects.

Tips to prepare the homemade bug spray

In most of the cases, you may face the problems of insect bites, rashes and allergies in your home. In fact, a lot of households are overwhelmed by different kinds of the insects and the bugs. These little creatures can enter into the house through the cracks, holes and some other small openings.  However, these bugs and insects are carriers of the germs and bacteria that can cause the vulnerable diseases. Furthermore, some of these creatures can also cause the allergic reactions in the body. Therefore, it is really important to take care of your home to get rid of these dangerous insects and bugs. However, there are a variety of bug sprays are available in the market and they can provide the best effects. As they contain the chemical products, these things can also cause some allergic problems. So, it is better to make the homemade bug spray for getting the best benefits.


If you have decided to make the , you can create them in the variety of methods. In that way, the water based spray and oil based spray are the most affordable things and they can provide the best effects to get rid of the bug and insect bites. Now, you will see the way to make the water based spray in the easiest manner.

Things you need to make the homemade bug spray by using the water is listed as below.

  • 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 ounces of water
  • 10 drops of geranium
  • 15 drops of citronella essential oil
  • 15 drops of cedarwood atlas


Here, the essential oil is the most effective things that are specially formulated for the kids and adults. To make the bug spray recipe, you need to mix the essential oils with the apple cider vinegar. Then, you have to add some water and stir it well and pour into the spray bottle.  Now, the water based bug spray is ready and you can store and use it for 3 months.


In fact, this type of the water based spray can be used on your skin or the clothes. It is better to shake well before you use.

As the same manner, the oil based spray recipe can also be easily done with the help of the following ingredients.

  • 2 ounces of liquid oil like olive, jojoba, etc.
  • 15 drops of citronella essential oil
  • 10 drops of geranium bourbon essential oil
  • 15 drops of cedarwood atlas


To make the recipe, you just need to mix all of these essential oils with the liquid oil together. Then, you can pour this mixture into the spray bottle to use. You can keep this solution in dark place where it is not used. However, this spray can last for 2 to 3 months when you use it by refrigerating.


As it contains the oil, you can use this excellent bug spray directly on your skin before you go the outside.

In this way, you can make the homemade bug spray in the easiest manner. You can get more details by searching through online.

Many individuals love gardening and they want to raise more amounts of plants and trees in their garden. But the growth and health of the plants and trees are affected by the different insects and pests. Such types of bugs on the plants get the overall energy of the plants and completely affect their growth. Those who love gardening have been giving much care for their trees and plants. In order to avoid the affects of such pests and insects on your trees and plants, you just need to use the bug spray on your plants. You just avoid using the chemical sprays and it is always better using the homemade bug spray to completely protect your trees and plants from the various types of insects and pests.


Different homemade bug sprays:

The following are some of the homemade bug sprays used for the different types of insects. Before picking a particular one for your needs, first of all you have to make a research in your garden and find which bug is more affect your plants and trees. Based on the result, you can choose anyone of the following bug sprays to get out the insects and keep your plants & trees always healthy.


Mealybugs – You can use alcohol to get rid of this type of bug from the leaves.

Aphids – For this bug, you can use garlic spray, nicotine spray, or the alcohol spray to get out. Some other types of items are potato leaf spray, tomato leaf spray, and also the hot spray.

Thrips – Use nicotine spray or the alcohol spray

Scale – For this kind of bug on your trees and plants, you just use nicotine or the alcohol spray. It is better using the alcohol spray only for the young or soft scale only.


Leafhoppers – You can use garlic spray or nicotine bug spray to get rid of the bugs from your garden.

Fungus gnats – Use nicotine spray

Whitefly – In order to get rid of the whitefly from your trees and plants, you just use the hot bug spray, garlic bug spray, or the alcohol bug spray.

Earworm – Potato leaf spray and the tomato leaf spray are very good to get out the earworm bug from your garden.

Leafminers – Nicotine spray is a nice choice to get out the leafminers from your garden.


Earwigs – You should use garlic bug spray in order to get out the earwigs from your plants.

Caterpillar – For avoiding the caterpillar from your garden, you have to use the hot bug spray.

Spidermite – Hot spray is a very good choice to get out the Spidermite bugs from your leaves.

All these above mentioned types of homemade DIY bug sprays are very helpful and also healthy options used for avoiding the different types of pests and insects affecting your trees and plants in the garden. While using such types of sprays, you can surely maintain healthy trees and plants in the nice garden.

Many house owners need a bug spray to avoid mosquitoes and some other reptiles coming into their home. There are a variety of chemical bug sprays sold in the marketplace to easily and instantly get out the bugs from your residence. But they are somewhat harmful to your health because of the chemicals used for the preparation of the readymade bug spray. If you want to avoid such harmfulness, you just make homemade bug spray with the help of the following recipe.



Here are the necessary ingredients and the directions for preparing the organic bug spray in your home. It will take only 2 minutes to prepare but highly beneficial to get out the bugs from your living space.


  • Witch hazel – ½ cup
  • Apple cider vinegar – ½ cup
  • Essential oils – 40 drops
  • Glass spray bottle


With these simple ingredients, you just easily make the organic bug spray at home to get out the mosquitoes and other bugs from your place. For the option of the essential oils, you can use the lemongrass oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, citronella oil, or the rosemary oil for this preparation process.



  1. First, you need to mix all the above mentioned ingredients in the 8 oz spray bottle.
  2. Then, you can spray over all portions of your body but don’t spray it in your mouth and eyes for the safety purpose.


It is a very good and simple homemade bug spray prepared easily at your home. Most of the people are too allergic to the mosquitoes and some other bugs. Spraying this bug spray overall your body will be very helpful to perfectly avoid the insect bites and allergic conditions. The essential oils used in the preparation process of this bug spray will be greatly helpful to avoid the allergic nature of your skin and keep it soft and healthy always. Instead of the essential oils, you can also make use of the lemon and eucalyptus mixer for the children.


But it is highly necessary to liquidize them for the safety purpose. This is because eucalyptus and the acidic nature of the lemon may hurt the skin of the users and also they make your skin dry. In order to avoid all these conditions, it is highly necessary to liquidize the lemon used for the preparation of the bug spray at home. Similar to the humans, you can just prepare this bug spray to be used on your pets like dogs and cats. Most of the pets are also affected by the bugs due to several reasons. In order to keep your pets always neat and clean without any affects of the bugs like mosquitoes, it is very important to use this type of homemade bug spray for keeping the skin and hair of your pets always healthy. For the residential pets, you just don’t try the chemical sprays sold in the market and use only this type of homemade bug spray to keep it away from the different bugs and allergies.

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