Current members should use different strategies to make commissions selling other people’s products. Backlinking to place paid ads; several different methods get results. However, blogging seems to be the cheapest and most efficient of all; provided that affiliates can make comments on the products they sell. There is a significant difference between the promotional items and comments; The first looks like an ad, while the second is devoted to readers and build confidence. Find below how to write reviews of products they sell and increase your affiliate income.


The insider
What most people are interested in your product or digital item looking for is inside of an expert. Therefore, product review must be professionally written and contains all the relevant information; including the company behind it, the price, and the values and opinions of others that have tried. Creating a separate section for evaluation; as value, quality, support will give you all the information for readers seeking.

Build trust by comments
Beat your staff and ensure that readers at checkpoints that you also test the product will establish a relationship of trust. If you have products that you promote as an affiliate, make sure to include a photo or comment reception. Although you must disclose sales commissions of information obtained by law, people will trust you again.


Join the conversation and add personal comments
Once a comment posted, you must respond to questions and comments to position yourself as an expert. This does not mean that you need to work support systems for businesses, but find their contact information and publish the answers will help many of your readers. Talk about their personal experiences and offer solutions and advice.

Responding to a secret question to comment
The strength of the comments is to answer questions that people have in their minds. This means that you must enter in their shoes for a moment and try to understand what is most important to them; price, functionality or ease of use? However, examination of the most important questions to be answered is: “What’s in it for me” All this is severely consider buying something that requests instead of just the list? The characteristics of the product, they focus on the benefits.


A review of the product should be objective and honest. Avoid praising the product and pitfalls of exclusion that people stop trusting you. Add a comment Product subtitle: “What is missing in my product” and be honest about it. People will appreciate it and will sell more, even if it does not convince them that this is the ideal solution.

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