Tracks social is built in Adobe air  and helps users track and analyze social signals, this program also allows you to build a viral list of subscribers on autopilot! You can rebrand the software, add autoresponder code and start advertising, and once anyone unlocks the software, the email is added to your autoresponder list and you will see a magic.

Have you ever heard about making passive income? With advertising features built in Tracks Social Profits tool, it will send visitors to your products from stores or affiliate offers. What is the best? All on complete auto pilot which is making a as big as possible passive income and it will work for you 24/7. Tracks Social Profit also let’s you reach more visitors which brings more profit than ever before. With the viral nature of this great program the more its shared the more you reach – here you have the shortest answers for question “how it works?”.

This Is Very Cheap. Can I beat the competition and earn more thanks to Tracks Social Profits System?

Yes, but there are a few important facts that you should now too:

  • Works fine on autopilot
  • Build email lists better than any plugins, boosts and paid tools
  • Increase your income and make passive income in a few weeks
  • No more hidden costs, there is no needed to have other paid tools
  • Experience is not required, but manual user is included
  • Without any paid advertising !!!
  • You do not need to have any landing page, forget about buying it !!!
  • No content, no skills needed.
  • Without any domain, hosting or paid seo service

Below you will find the link to official website which offer this desktop app. Feel free to read some reviews on their website to feel more safe before you decide to get it. Building Social Signals never was so easy and safe for you.




Test this system where other people build your list FOR YOU!

Review #1 + Conclusion: Well, I wanted to know how the best marketers got their big email lists which gives thema huge adventage in this field. About 6 months ago, I was browsing a forum where a bunch of program developers were bragging about their lists. They easily reached 20, 50 and even 100K subscribers on their email lists. Can you believe it? It made me sad, because my first things was like “I will never complete that big list”. Fortunately all went ok with Tracks Social Profits Software and currently my lists are getting bigger and bigger. Instead of risking money trying to drive traffic, I decided to let other marketers give away my social media tracking application to their audiences without any payments. Sounds good? 

After a small research in the Internet I undersand more. I recommend you to read many reviews and comments before you decide to test it. In my honest opinion, Tracks Social Profits is totally worth to buy. And now I know how it works – every time somebody entered his own email address to use the app he would be added to MY list! As you see it’s simply and quickly to do, it also seems to be the easiest way to build a list I’ve ever seen!


Notice that by letting other marketers give away this software to their audiences, I was quietly building a list faster than ever before, and everything for free!

Review #2 + How much money you can make with list of 4K active subscribers: I did not believe but it really works, all clear and easy in using, it looks professional and very useful also for the begginers imo. When I promote a $50 product to my 4,000 list of emails and if just 1% of my list buys that product I can bank $2,000! Do you like this kind of on-demand income? I hope so! 

Software developers have been quietly giving away their programs for years. Their tools allows you to build lists that would put most marketer gurus to shame. It offers you true autopilot list building, you won’t have to work on it, so it make you stop wasting your time. Other marketers give this tool away and you collect emails when users “activate” their account and start using the application. 


How to start? Here are a few steps to get your first 100 subscribers thanks to Tracks Social Profit:

– Simply go to your favourite marketing forum, websites from your niche category, LinkedIn/Facebook group or other social media
– Let other marketers know you are giving them the right to giveaway this tool to their visitors, or as a extra gift/bonus to their products
– Repeat it a couple of times, and after it you can sit back and watch as marketers scramble to get their giveaway copies!
– When people start entering their emails to activate the product, your list will grow pretty fast!

Some facts in numbers

Another good info is you only need a few marketers on-board to create a list with tons of subscribers. I would like to show you how Tracks Social Profit app is profitable, please take a look at this:
If just 1 marketer gives away 10 copies each day, that’s already 70 FREE subscribers added to your list each week. With 20 subscribers, all giving away 20 copies each day, that’s 400 FREE subscribers per day! That’s 110 K subscribers per year, on total autopilot. And this is the best way to begin insanely rich. Stop wasting time and money for non-working tools, outdated methods of promotion and unknown plugins. This tool called Tracks Social Profits will resolve all your problems and can be a good start in online marketting. 


I would recommend this product to all people, even for the begginers, because it’s cheap, so if you buy and don’t like it, it won’t be the end of world. I have heard that they also have pay-back system, so if you don’t like the app, you can get a refund or something like that. Go to their website and read more details to make all things clear. 

Is it safe? Need more adventages of using Tracks Social Profits system?

From now you can easily let other people build your list for you, so we can say it’s a completely unique and fresh method to create the biggest subscriber list. While you collect emails from every user, just sit back and relax because it will build your list on autopilot. More features?

  • No complex product creation.
  • No landing pages required.
  • No design tools required.
  • Without additional payment for traffic.
  • 100% safe for Google or Facebook rules.
  • Best option for people who loves lazy passive income.
  • The fastest and the easiest way to build a list that will make you rich.
  • Instant refund is available if you don’t agree that Tracks Social is useful.
  • Future of rapid and the best hands-free list building mehtod.
  • It’s the quickest path to a huge fat list gives daily income.
  • Price: 9 $


Well, you’re getting everything we’ve discussed, including:

  1. Full giveaway license to Tracks Social Profit (Web application)
  2. Ability to rebrand app, add autoresponder to build your list, and insert advertising into the app
  3. Full sales page graphics and squeeze page (to give away with the software)



Because they want to get a tons of positive testimonials from early adopters as fast as possible, so that when they launch this officially at a more sensible price that’s 10 times the amount you’ll get in for today. As you see, they have many buyers and to fight with the strong competition they have just decided to sell it for only 9$. 

The app developer says once all licenses are taken, and in three days from now, you will get access to Tracks Social Profit as a regular user. What forum users think about this? They mostly recommend to use Tracks Social atleast once time as a test. For most users the tool appeared to be very useful and they just continiue their adventure with Tracks Social Profits. 

Why developer gives this opportunity away for so little?

Well, every day that you continue to build your list the hard and annoying way… writing up reports, building landing pages and making seo, testing everything, blowing money on paid ads, is costing you so much time and money. Let’s imagine that, a year from now, do you still want to be struggling to buy or create landing page to convert, building out complex funnels, and barely collecting a few subscribers after a hard work? For real? Give Tracks Social Profit App a risk-free trial for an entire 30 days and see the results in no time. 


Are you tired of building a list the slow, complicated and semi-working way, messing around with landing pages, sales copy and free reports that nobody wants? Are you tired of blowing your time and money on traffic to complete a big list and watching people pass on by without entering their email? It’s pointless. Are you ready to finally to build a large list in weeks? Do not wait and just let other people do all the hard work for you, by giving away this awesome tool and collecting email addresses for you!

Conclusion aka the last word

As author claim, after you order it, you’re getting instant access to full giveaway license to Tracks Social Profit machine (actually it’s called Web application). You also get ability to rebrand app, add autoresponder to build custom lists and insert advertising into the application! Sounds good, right? Full sales page graphics and squeeze page (to give away with the software) are included.

The author claim that he offer a real opportunity to turn your business around quickly. It’s an opportunity to build your money making list today, it won’t take a long months. It’s your opportunity to enjoy the freedom of making nice money by sending simple emails, so even people which are not in the business can earn a lot. 

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